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The Gig Media

About Us

Welcome to The Gig Media, a progressive, LGBTQIA+ and women-minority-owned production powerhouse specializing in cutting-edge content creation, corporate consultancy, inclusive talent recruitment, and dynamic programs/events that redefine industry standards. We're not just a production company; we're architects of change in a rapidly evolving cultural landscape.

Born out of a necessity to amplify underrepresented voices in television and film, The Gig Media is a beacon of inclusivity. We navigate the currents of change with finesse, shaping narratives that transcend boundaries and empower diverse talents, particularly those of LGBTQIA+, Black and Brown communities.

Jessica L. Ransom and Leyla T. Rosario, the creative minds steering The Gig Media, have undertaken a mission to forge collaborative partnerships with our clients, breathing life into their ideas while crafting our own original narratives and scripts. We craft original content that spans long and short formats, episodic adventures, online videos (OLVs), and commercials. 

In a world where storytelling is the heartbeat of change, The Gig Media is not just relevant — it's the future of inclusive, innovative content creation. Welcome to a new era, where every story is not only heard but celebrated.

The Team

We are The Gig Media

Jessica L. Ransom

Managing Partner & 

Executive Producer

Aubrey Myers.jpg
Aubrey Myers


Leyla T. Rosario

Managing Partner & 

Executive Producer

Bert Moss.jpg
Bert Moss

Editor & Animator

Isaiah von Jones

Executive Producer,

Business Development

Jadalyn Ortiz

Assistant Editor & Content Creator

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