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The Gig Media is a women minority owned production company that specializes in diverse content, company consultations, inclusive recruitment, programs/events (i.e. panel discussions, film festivals, career fairs, etc.), and original content.  

The Gig Media was formed out of a need to increase inclusive content amplifying black and brown talent in television and film and help companies navigate the current changing cultural landscape, #MeToo, and the race relations. The Gig Media was founded on the principles of body positivity, a global lens on storytelling, multi-cultural views, such as:  #BlackLivesMatter and LGBTQI - “Love is Love.”

Jessica L. Ransom and Leyla T. Rosario have made it their mission to create content and tell stories about their lives. Under The Gig Media  umbrella, we are in development with original content for shows such as:  Roommates, Envy, The Gig series, AMERIKAH, El Mercado, and International Wedding Guest. 

The Gig Media has a database with over 500+ diversified contacts in the film, television, commercial, illustration, and digital mediums. The Gig Media also works with content creators and diverse directors to produce current inspiring content with various brands and ad agencies.

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Jessica L. Ransom

CEO/Executive Producer

Leyla T. Rosario

CEO/Executive Producer

Qieara Lesesne


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